Legor and Valmet strengthen their presence in the jewelry and fashion accessories sector.

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The agreement involves Legor Group acquiring 60% of the shares of Valmet Spa, with a stated commitment to a sustainable partnership.

Legor, an Italian leader in the production of precious alloys for the jewelry sector, and active in the market of galvanic solutions for fashion accessories, joins forces with Valmet. Valmet, the leading entity in a network of companies including Valmet Plating, Valmet Refining, and Valmet Ecology, operates in the fashion sector with excellent products and services for accessory processing. Additionally, Valmet is involved in the recovery of precious metals and sustainable waste management. The capital agreement outlines Valmet’s entry into the Legor Group and the reinvestment of Francesco Pallotti in a minority stake in Valmet S.p.A.



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